First-class performance does not come from second-class parts. Gates' motorsport parts and components are designed to withstand extreme race conditions. From high-performance belts designed for more reliable and efficient power transmission, to silicone hoses designed to withstand high temperatures, Gates' racing performance solutions offer quality and reliability you will only find at a leader in the after-market. RPM timing belts are not only 300% stronger than standard aftermarket belts, they also offer up to three times more heat resistance.



We knew that motorsport enthusiasts and performance vehicles needed timing belts that could handle the power of these engines and be used for high-speed applications. That's why we assembled a team of automotive experts and product engineers and spent years working with some of the world's top car manufacturers and racers to create our innovative RPM timing belts. Gates' timing belts are manufactured with HNBR elastomer composites, a specially designed tensile cord and a special layer over the teeth for extra strength and heat resistance, designed to withstand high horsepower, both on the road and on the track. - The superior construction offers up to three times more heat resistance, wear resistance and performance. - The protective layer over the teeth of the belt is reinforced with high-quality nylon material to minimize wear and tear. - These timing belts with high-strength tensile cords can withstand higher horsepower, and protect the engine from valve/piston contact. - Specially formulated HSN rubber compound to improve strength and resist deterioration from contact with engine fluids