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Rev up your excitement because you've just landed on the BRAND NEW "New Products" page at Race Winning Brands Europe! Here, we don't just follow the track; we set it ablaze with cutting-edge, high-performance additions that redefine racing excellence.
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Diamond Piston 39230-4 Mercedes M133 2.0L Series

Diamond’s years of working alongside top sport compact race teams have helped generate an exceptionally robust line of sport compact pistons. Race proven designs are combined with precision CNC machining, strong 2618 forged aluminum, and premium Trend Performance wrist pins to deliver unmatched durability and performance. Whether you’re looking more power, boost readiness, or chasing records and win lights on the racetrack, Diamond’s mild-to-wild sport compact line is ready to help you get there. Don’t see the exact part you need in our catalog? No problem, we can custom make you a piston to your exact specifications.

Diamond Piston Kit

Diamond Piston 38310-4 Volkswagen TDI 2.0L Series

With sky-high compression ratios, ever-climbing levels of boost, nitrous, and earth’s-core-level combustion heat, competition Diesel engines create an incredibly demanding environment for a piston. Diamond slugs are up to the challenge and have proven themselves in countless pulling, dyno, and drag racing engines. These pistons utilize an incredibly robust billet 2618 forging and some of Diamond’s most innovative coatings. All diesel pistons include type 3 hard anodizing and are available with an additional PTFE treatment to increase lubricity. Available for Cummins, Duramax and Power stroke engines, all of Diamond’s diesel pistons are forged and machined 100% in the USA and incorporate premium Trend Performance wrist pins.

Diamond Piston

JE PISTONS Ultra Series Toyota 3S-GTE Piston Kit – 86.00 Mm Bore


Ultra Series forged pistons from JE are the industry’s strongest, most fully featured pistons available off the shelf. Offered for a wide range of import and sport compact applications from 2JZ to 4G63 and Audi to BMW, Ultra Series pistons feature JE’s proprietary Aligned Grain Flow forging technology providing next-level tensile strength ideal for the extreme cylinder pressures of power adder engine builds. Equipped with custom level features including thermal barrier crown coating, skirt coating, gas ports, and more, Ultra Series are the ideal pistons for your high-boost build. As with all JE Pistons products, Ultra Series pistons are made 100% in the USA.

JE Piston Piston Kit
Wiseco Logo

Wiseco WKE 152 Ford 1.5 Ecoboost pistonkit


Wiseco Ford EcoBoost Piston Set, 84.00 mm Bore, 1.161 in. Compression Height, 21.00 mm Pin Diameter, Professional, Set of 3.

Professional Series forged racing pistons from Wiseco are no-expense-spared pistons designed for the serious racers and builders. Packed full of custom-level performance and durability features and provided with premium rings, Professional Series pistons are designed and built for use in heavy to severe duty race builds. Remove your limits with Wiseco’s Professional Series.

  • Engineered, forged, and machined in the USA from 2618 aluminum for improved tensile strength
  • ArmorGlide® Skirt Coating: seizure resistant, friction reduction, and quieter operation
  • Fully machined crown features
  • Precision ring grooves, anti-detonation groove, and additional ring seal improving features
  • Forced pin oiling
  • Designed and built to withstand heavy to severe duty performance applications
Wiseco Piston Kit
Boostline Logo



BoostLine connecting rods are designed and built for the stressful demands of high-powered, forced induction and nitrous engines. Proven in the lab and on the track in 1,500HP five and six-cylinder engines from the iconic 2JZ to EcoBoost 3.5Ls to Audi RS2s, BoostLine rods are forged from premium 4340 steel and utilize a patented, three-pocket design, maximizing strength while minimizing rotating weight. This revolutionary design dramatically improves each rods’ big-end stability under tensile loads and provides a 60% improvement in bending strength and 20% stress reduction in tension compared to H-beam designs, benefits crucial to durability in four-digit-horsepower engines. Each rod is equipped standard with industry leading ARP hardware and is subject to a 26-point, CMM inspection with all critical dimensions provided via an inspection card included with every set of rods. BoostLine connecting rods are the complete package for every performance build, from powerful projects to all-out race cars.

  • Purpose-Built For Boost High Boost and Nitrous Audi 5 Cyl Applications with 23mm Pin
  • Forged From Ultra-Strong 4340 Steel
  • Patented Three-Pocket Design
  • Capable of 1000 HP
  • 3/8 x 1.600 in. ARP 2000 Fasteners
  • High Quality APMCO Bronze Pin Bushing
  • 26 Point Detailed CMM Inspection Report Included
Boostline Conrod
Dart Logo

Dart Billet Crankshaft Toyota 2JZ Stroke 86mm


Dart is thrilled to announce the highly anticipated launch of our latest product, 4340 Billet Crankshafts for the Toyota 2JZ engine platform. Precision machined from premium 4340 billet steel, available in 86mm and 90mm stroke options, and engineered to handle high-boost environments, the 2JZ Billet Crankshafts from Dart are designed to take the legendary 2JZ engine platform to 2000 HP!

Why choose a Dart Crankshaft?

Dart Machinery continues to push the boundaries of automotive performance, and our 4340 Billet Crankshafts for the Toyota 2JZ platform are a testament to our commitment to excellence. Our unparalleled attention to detail and meticulous quality standards have always distinguished us in the Block, Cylinder Head, and Intake Manifold manufacturing industries. Now, we are channeling that same dedication to produce top-tier Crankshafts within that industry as well! The 2JZ Billet Crankshaft comes with the following features:

Premium 4340 Billet Material: Crafted from top-grade 4340 billet steel, these crankshafts offer exceptional strength and durability, ensuring long-lasting performance even under extreme conditions.

Stress Relieved with Shot Peening: Our crankshafts undergo meticulous stress relieving and shot peening procedures, enhancing their structural integrity and resistance to fatigue.

Heat Treated: Each crankshaft is heat treated to exacting standards, resulting in superior hardness and wear resistance.

Available in Multiple Strokes: Customers can choose from 86mm and 90mm stroke options, allowing for versatile customization to meet specific performance requirements.

Compatible with Toyota 2JZ Main and Rod Journal Sizes: Designed with precision to fit seamlessly with Toyota 2JZ main and rod journal sizes, ensuring a perfect fit for your engine.

Engineered for 2000 HP Applications: These crankshafts are purpose-built to handle the demands of high-performance applications, supporting power outputs of 2000 horsepower and beyond.

Dart Billet Crankshaft

Complete Rotating Assemblies Available Straight From Us!

For added convenience, Dart Machinery is offering complete rotating assemblies, allowing you to pair your 4340 Billet Crankshaft with your choice of Boostline Steel Rods or MGP Aluminum RodsDiamond Pistons, and Trend H13 .225W wrist pins.

Dart Crankshaft Billet
Haltech Logo



Ever since we released our first colour dash, the iC-7, a few years ago, you have been asking us to make another one. “We just want a nice big, clear screen without the buttons, shift lights, or other distractions,” you said. Well, we heard you loud and clear, so today we’re very happy to reveal the latest in our digital dash line-up, the big, loud and clear uC-10.

Launched at the PRI show in Indianapolis – The Haltech uC-10 dash is a classic blend of technology and style. Its 10-inch display offers ample space to monitor critical vehicle data in real-time. The full-colour TFT screen is optically bonded, ensuring crystal-clear visibility even in bright sunlight, and the sleek aluminium enclosure ensures it will look great in any vehicle.

Key Features

Compatibility: The uC-10 is compatible with Haltech CAN, OBD2, and selected aftermarket ECU brands. It can also be wired in as a complete stand-alone unit. This versatility ensures that it can seamlessly integrate into a wide range of vehicles and setups.

The uC-10 offers plenty of scope for sensors and other inputs in a stand-alone configuration, or for use as an I/O expander in a Haltech environment.

User Definable I/O: 10 x AVIs, 4 x DPOs, 4 x SPIs.

Fixed I/O: 1 x Tacho Input and 1 x Alternator Excite.

On-Board Data Logging: The uC-10 comes equipped with 512MB of on-board looped data logging.

NSP compatible: The uC-10 will be compatible with our free NSP software, straight out of the box.

uC-10 FAQs

Does this replace the iC-7?

No, the iC-7 is here to stay!

I have an iC-7, but now I want to upgrade to a uC-10, is that possible?

Not only is that possible, it is easy! The uC-10 has the same mounting points as the iC-7. So, the HT-060070 iC-7 Standard Dash Mount is compatible with the uC-10. The Superseal connector is the same as the iC-7, however, some re-pinning may be required, depending on your setup.

Can I customize the screen layouts?

Through the new dash section in our NSP software, you’re able to change channels and choose your colour settings on our default screens.

I see it comes with a Wi-Fi antenna in the box, does that mean it is Wi-Fi compatible?

Not yet. The uC-10 does have a Wi-Fi module in it which will become available in a future firmware update, so don’t lose your Wi-Fi antenna!

It logs data, so can it do lap timing?

No, not at the time of release.



UC-10 Dash Haltech

Are you ready to Rebel?

The latest addition to the Haltech Nexus Range is the Nexus Rebel LS, specifically designed for LS Gen III and IV engines.

Included in the kit is an easy-to-install engine harness kit, and start-up is a breeze thanks to the new LS Set-up Wizard in our NSP software, or via the new Haltech Connect App.

With the Rebel LS, all the hard work is done. It is the best, quickest, and easiest way to get your LS-swap up and running!

• ECU designed from the ground up to suit GM’s popular LS engine platform
• Supports both Gen III/IV engines
• Comes complete with an easy-to-install harness to suit multiple GM LS applications
• Easy set-up via the new Haltech Connect app
• Easy integration with Haltech dashes, PDMs, sensor kits, and accessories


Initially, two different kits will be available:

Rebel LS Kit – Suits Cable throttle, EV1 Injectors, Manual Transmission
Supplied with: Rebel LS ECU, Main Harness, Throttle Breakout Harness, Injector Breakout Harness, Transmission Breakout Harness, Knock Sensor Breakout Harness, O2 Sensor and hardware kit, Air Temp Sensor and weld-on bung, Ring terminals with insulator boots

Rebel LS Kit – Suits 6-pin DBW, EV6 Injectors, Manual Transmission
Supplied with: Rebel LS ECU, Main Harness, Throttle Breakout Harness, Injector Breakout Harness, Transmission Breakout Harness, Pedal Adaptor Harness, O2 Sensor and hardware kit, Air Temp Sensor and weld-on bung, Ring terminals with insulator boots

Further accessory harnesses will be available for variations.


When can I buy it?
We are aiming to open pre-sales for the general public in mid-January 2024.

This looks a lot like an R3, is it the same thing?
No. For practical reasons, the case is the same as an R3, but that’s about it. The Rebel LS is intended to be a cost-effective, quick, and easy solution for running LS-engined vehicles, and thus the specs and functionality are quite different from the R3.

Can I integrate the Rebel LS with other Haltech products?
Yes, the Rebel LS is fully compatible with the iC-7 dash, PD16 PDM (Up to four of them), EGTs, Multiple external wideband sensors, CAN Keypads, etc.

Will it support my automatic transmission?
Not yet. We plan to expand the range to include some popular automatic transmissions in 2024.

I don’t have an LS. Will there be a Rebel for my engine?
Maybe, however, there are no current plans for other variants.

 Haltech Nexus Rebel LS

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