Active on the market since 1973, today Athena is the European and Italian leader in the production of gaskets for industrial applications. The company is considered a benchmark for the traditional spare part market and for racing vehicle applications.  Athena racing gaskets rigorously embrace the core philosophy of the company:  reliability, technical evolution, and continuous improvement, which are key to meet the expectations of an increasingly demanding, informed and qualified consumer.
MLS GASKETS Athena Multilayer Gaskets are especially designed to withstand high pressures and temperatures. These Gaskets consist of 3-5 layers of different materials to work perfectly in every situation. 
CUT RING GASKETS Athena Cut Ring gaskets are the most suitable for turbo engines, which run at pressures exceeding 2 bars. The gasket is produced in Motor Gasket®, the exclusive material developed and patented in Athena’s research laboratories, and features stainless steel sealing rings, machined from solid, around each cylinder bore opening.